Did you know that June is National Microchipping Month?

Did you know that June is National Microchipping Month?

The branch is encouraging cat owners in Bracknell and Wokingham to keep their pets safe this summer by having their feline friend microchipped, as part of responsible pet ownership.

Though microchipping is a safe and permanent means of identification, which increases the chances of a missing cat being reunited with its owner, around 85 per cent of the cats that come into CP care are not microchipped!

We cannot stress how important it is that cats are microchipped. It would give cat owners more peace of mind and enhance our ability to reunite missing cats with their owners.

Currently, when a cat comes into our care, the first thing we do is look for some sort of identification, including scanning for a ‘chip. In a lot of cases there is no microchip so we have to trawl lost and found registers and advertise the cat as missing. It’s a very time consuming process with no guarantee that we will ever locate the owner, despite our best efforts. And yet all of these problems could be solved by a tiny ‘chip that is no bigger than a grain of rice. 

  Microchipping can be carried out by a vet or suitably trained individual and
  involves a small data chip being inserted under the cat’s skin between the
  shoulder blades. The details are then stored on a national database and
  can be accessed by scanning the animal with a special device. Most vets
  and rescue centres will routinely scan all lost cats and can use the information
  to quickly reunite the missing pet with their owner.

However, it is important for owners to keep their records on the national database up to date – for example, if they move home or change phone number. 
For more information about microchipping your pet, please contact your local vet, or click on the following URL link: http://www.petlog.org.uk/national-microchipping-month