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Have you found a cat and are wondering what to do?

24 July 2017
Have you found a cat and are wondering what to do?

Have you found a cat and are wondering what to do?

The first step is to work out if the cat is a stray or feral. Here is a handy guide to help you tell.

If the cat is a stray...

Stray cats are socialised domestic cats who don't - or don't appear - to have an
owner. Be wary: even if they look 'stray' they might be a neighbourhood cat who's
worked out that if they look hungry they can bag themselves a second meal!

May be friendly - If they're a little shy they will often approach cautiously given
time and encouragement

Alone - Will almost always be alone

No ear tip - Won't have their ear "tipped" even if neutered

Near houses - more likely to be found in people's gardens and trying to get into
the house!

Micochipped - Could be microchipped if they are a missing pet

Appeared recently - May have recently appeared - might look lost or disoriented



Feral cats are the same species of cat as our pet cats, but are not socialised to
humans or the domestic environment. This means they behave like wild animals

Not friendly - Unsocialised to humans so find us naturally threatening, so they
can be hard to spot and very fearful. Won't come close, even with encouragement

Lives alone or with others - Sometimes (not always) lives in a colony with other ferals

Ear tip - May have their left ear "tipped" to show they've been neutered and returned

Away from houses - Avoids human contact and often has a hiding spot away from
populated areas

Not microchipped - Most feral cats are not microchipped

Permanent - More likely to have set up a long term, permanent home / shelter


The branch has also got a dedicated facebook page CP Bracknell Lost and Found Cats,
in order to advertise the details of both lost and found cats in our catchment area. Please 
contact our fantastic Lost and Found team, Claire and Phil, on the dedicated email address: CPBracknell@lostfound@outlook.com if you have found or lost a cat, and they will be happy
to help you further!