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Help us put some cash in the kitty to help with the veterinary care required for Rupert and Weasley

16 June 2017
Help us put some cash in the kitty to help with the veterinary care required for Rupert and Weasley
Following on from our original appeal at the beginning of May, as below, regarding Rupert and Weasley, they continue to go from strength to strength with their recuperation.  Attached are update pictures, showing Rupert (L) featured sitting in his favourite chair, whilst his cage is being cleaned.  Rupert is doing really well and can now bear a little weight on his leg, but not completely as yet because of the external fixator.  He is now half way through his 6 week cage rest and is the most adorable boy.

Wesley... what a transformation!  From being in such pain with his leg, following amputation Weasley (R) was moved to an indoor pen, to allow him time to recuperate and to give him more space. Since then he has turned into a loveable cat, who just loves company.  He's managing extremely well, even jumping onto the settee.  We're thrilled that Weasley is adapting to life on three legs so well!

The branch is appealing for help to raise funds for two cats that have recently come into our care, both of whom require urgent costly veterinary treatment...

Rupert is a lovely 14 month old white and tabby boy, who was involved in a road traffic accident and was taken to Denton Vets by his owners, who unfortunately could not afford to pay for the treatment that he needed and have signed Rupert over to the branch.

Rupert has been x-rayed and was found to have a fracture to his left humerus (upper bone, front leg) and a right inguinal rupture (tear to the muscle wall in the groin).  Denton's Vet, Simon, operated on the inguinal hernia last Thursday (27th April), and is hopeful that he has left Rupert with a functioning inguinal canal, although he hasn't ruled out the possibility that Rupert may have a further hernia operation in the future, as there was quite a lot of damage to his abdominal muscles.

Rupert has recovered well from this operation, and the next stage was to fix the fracture to his leg, which again is not straightforward.  This time Simon enlisted the help of an orthopaedic surgeon at the specialist, Chiltern Referrals.  The procedure was carried out on Tuesday (2nd May) and Rupert is now recovering at Denton Vets.  The leg has been pinned and he also has an external fixator.  After this Rupert will require a long period of rest, and will eventually be available for rehoming.

Weasley is an 8 / 10 year old, previously unneutered large ginger boy and who has been a stray in the Denton / Howard Road area of Wokingham for the past several months.  For the last few weeks Weasley was spotted limping badly and appeared to be injured.  Weasley was reported to us by two different people earlier this month, and we provided one of the callers with a trap, which Weasley eventually was captured in last Thursday. 

Weasley was neutered at the end of last week and his leg was also x-rayed, which showed a break in his rear left leg.  Weasley has been given pain relief, but it seems likely that the best solution would be to amputate the leg.  As Weasley is in so much pain his surgery has been brought forward to this Thursday (4th May).  Again, after a long period of rest Weasley will also be available for rehoming.

The estimated veterinary bills for both of these lovely boys are likely to total between £3000 and £3500.

If you would like to help the branch and donate to their veterinary bills, then please click here which will take you to our JustGiving page.

Please help us to help both of these lovely boys with their veterinary care so they can recover and in time find deserving homes.

Any additional funds raised will be put towards the treatment of other needy cats that are currently in our care.

Thank you.