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June is National Microchipping month!

30 May 2017
June is National Microchipping month!
June is National Microchipping Month!

Microchipping is an essential part of looking after your cat, and throughout the whole of June 2017 many vet practices across the UK will be offering discounted microchips, helping both you and your cat to celebrate National Microchipping Month.

A microchip is only slightly bigger than a grain of rice, as shown by the featured photo, and takes just a few seconds to implant into your cat’s skin between his shoulder blades.  Once your cat is chipped, the number is linked to a database containing details of the pet, as well as the owner’s contact details, so that if your cat was to go missing and be found, then they can be quickly scanned, identified and reunited with you.

Microchips last the lifetime of your cat and they cannot be removed easily, so all you need to do is to ensure that your contact details are kept up to date and then you will be reunited with your cat, even if he/she is found hundreds of miles away - and sometimes even abroad!