The story of Mia...

This is another recent story that goes to show why it is so important to microchip your cat, and to keep the details up to date!

Here is a recent story about Mia, a 10 year old neutered and chipped female cat, who was reported as missing from her home in Owlsmoor on 26th March this year (2017), by her owner Georgina Edwards.

Lost and Found Officer, Phil Metcalf, contacted Georgina and gave her advice as to how to find Mia, and Clare, who looks after the administration of the branches Lost and Found, also posted her photo on our dedicated Lost and Found Facebook page. Georgina was asked to advise us when Mia returned home. Nothing was heard for almost 2 months and then we were contacted by Georgina on 16th May, to say that Mia had been found alive in Norfolk!  Mia had been handed into a vets, who had then contacted her.  The story as to how she got there and was found can perhaps best be told by Georgina...

"I think that Mia must have snuck into a neighbours caravan on the Friday afternoon and travelled with them up to the Cambridge area. We did text them that day to ask them to check the van, but they didn't see any sign of her and so we targeted our search around the Sandhurst area; asking people to check garages and sheds etc, and putting up posters and fliers and contacting all the vets in the area.

Since getting the call from Norfolk and collecting her I have been in contact with the people who found her.  Apparently they were on their way home from a horse show in Bedfordshire and stopped at a roadside McDonald's on Sunday night. Mia came up to them from the scrubland and was obviously desperate for food and company. They put her in their horse box and took her home in Norfolk for the night, before taking her to the vets the next day.

The 7 weeks in the middle is a complete blank and I can only imagine how she survived, but thanks to those lovely people she is home now and starting to gain some weight back. She's still very nervous about going out and has scratched her claws down to nothing. She also can't meow properly yet, but hopefully she will make a full recovery.  My thanks to Ellie Darling and Toni Bahal who found Mia, and to Elli's mum, Carol, who took her to the vets".

Pictured below is a very thin Mia, recovering at home.