Branch Coordinators Report



It is sometimes a good idea to take stock and think about the changes that have occurred in the rehoming environment over the past few years - since for instance I become an active volunteer in Cats Protection - about 18 years ago. Back then it was all posters in the vets and newspapers. communication mainly by landline phones and it seemed there were a great many more cats on our waiting list and more to be homed than now. The growth of the internet has undoubtedly had an effect as it has in the High Street. We have few cats on our waiting list and many of the cats we have available for rehoming attract more than one enquiry - quite a recent phenomenon. It would be an interesting research project to find out how many, if any, cats are privately rehomed through social media?

Has the greatly enlarged house rental market affected the numbers of owned cats - many landlords have a no pets policy?

Has the increased number of outlets for advertising available cats - such as websites, Cats Protections "find a cat" service and outlets in garden centres etc been responsible for the greater number of enquiries?

The results of such a project would make revealing reading.

We are fund raising well and managing to balance expenditure with income most months.

As ever thank you all for your continued support for Cats Protection and this branch in particular, and thanks to all our hard-working volunteers.

Liz Spooner
Branch Coordinator
Bracknell and Wokingham Districts Cats Protection